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All answers exist

Artwork by Michael Macintosh. Music by Pear Marshall

Real story

Texts and illustrations from the Ancient Raja Yoga of Bharat, except the first illustration by David Kieslowski.

Tao of the Traveller

Produced and directed by Marie Edery.
Animation: Ben Beatham. Texts: Barbara Bossert Ramsay. Music: Anugama

Que sera sera

Photos: Giorgio Piluso. Illustrations: Indra Sharma. Music: Nayi : Subha Ki Nayi Kiran

Fractal attraction

Art : David Kilowsky
Music : Arvö Part
Animation : Giorgio Piluso

Self sovereignity

Artworkby Sigrun Olsen.
Text: The speech by Nelson Mandela was orignally written by Marianne Williamson.
Voice over: Michael Timothy.
Musique Deva Premal - Moola Mantra Invocation.
Thanks to Captain Mowat and Fred Benoist

Pure feelings

Illustration by Marie Binder . Texts: Ancient Raja Yoga of Bharat
Music by Bliss

Angels around

Photosby Gregory Colbert . Music by Bliss
Edit: Fred Benoist

Magic formula

Illustrations by Marie Binder . Texts: Ancient Raja Yoga of Bharat

Powers of nature

Illustrations by Joël Guenoun. Texts by Anthea Church . Photos by Jean Dubois-Béranger - Voice over by Gopi Patel


'Remember' produced and directed by Marie Edery . Edit: Fred Benoist

Urban spirit

Illustrations: street artists . Music by Pear Marshall

Cyber Yoga

Based on Cyberyogi by Marie Edery and 'Office Exercices to avoid sleepiness'.
Animation : Acrofish
Musique Sergio Mendas & Brasil '66

Little finger

'Little Finger' produced and directed by Marie Edery . Music: Jean-Denis Escudié

Take drishti

Souls by Søren Solkær Starbird. Thanks to the powerful yogis of Madhuban, headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris - Rajasthan - India

Take a spin

Design and texts by Marie Edery. Illustrations by Ivan Leprêtre

Take a minute

Produced and directed by Marie Edery. Illustrations by Genevive Sendra. Animation by Fabien Billeau.

Take a trip

Artists in virtual art galery: David Kilowsky, Joanna Gregores , Sophie Desmarez. Sound design by Henri Flesh

Take a jump

Text by Denise Lawrence- Illustration by Joël Guenoun

Soul Story was imagined by Marie Edery to reveal the Ancient Raja Yoga of Bharat and the talents of many souls brothers and sisters.
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Thanks to the Supreme Soul, to Cecile Cayla Boucharel and Danny Puype for their eternal support.
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